Living Large Off-Grid

We recently completed installing a large off-grid system for a customer in Vermont. This was a complex and significant project for us, and we wanted to get all the details right and make a good impression on our customers. We started discussing the project with the local electric utility about six months before we finalized the design, which we completed in early Spring.

To meet a daily demand of around 60 kilowatt-hours, we selected Schneider Electric (SE) inverters and charge controllers, Blue Planet Energy Blue Ion batteries, and trackers manufactured by AllEarth Renewables for this system. Each of the two 24-module trackers are wired with 12-module strings, with the output from each string connected to a fused safety switch, then to a SE Power Distribution Panel (PDP). Ten 16 kWh battery cabinets are connected to a battery bus, then wired to the PDP. The output from three SE XW+6848 inverters is connected to the home to power the loads. An auto-start generator can be used to charge the battery bank and power loads when necessary.

System monitoring is accomplished using a eGauge for the battery bank, which allows tracking numerous parameters, and a SE Combox allows remote viewing of solar production and loads.

This project is the largest installed by Net Zero Renewable Resources, and the largest BPE battery bank installed to date. The system has proven to be a robust and reliable power supply to the home, and we anticipate many years of clean energy production for our customer.

If you are interested in this project, or would like to inquire about a similar system for your home, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!