Raised Garden Bed Kits

Local Vermont-made raised garden bed kits. High-quality, affordable, raised beds made from local materials.

NZRR’s raised bed kits are a local, affordable alternative to mass produced plastic products. These kits are the results of efforts to generate higher yields of great tasting vegetables, a longer growing season, and easier gardening.

Our raised bed kits consist of full 6″x 6″ timbers of White Pine. Our stock bed sizes are 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 12′, and 4′ x 16′, with a height of 6″, 12″, 18″, 24, or 30″. We can also make custom sizes to meet your needs. Kits include timbers, fasteners, and detailed assembly instructions.

Benefits of Raised Beds

• Soil compaction is prevented. The soil in raised beds stays light and fluffy because you do not step on it. Non-compacted soil allows for easier root penetration, better water and nutrient absorption, and therefore better production.

• Drainage is improved. Raised beds eliminate the “wet feet” of plants. Well-drained soil facilitates the gas exchange necessary for healthy plants and soil.

• Soil warms faster. Warmer soil gives you an earlier start in the spring.

• Easier maintenance. Raised beds are easier to tend because you don’t have to bend over so far. Weeds are easy to pull in the loose soil, and the edge of the bed makes a bench on which to to sit or kneel.

Special Features of Our Raised Bed Kits

• The massive timbers are long-lasting and don’t have the disposal problems of plastic or treated lumber.

• The timbers are free of chemical preservatives that can leach into the soil.

• The kit contains all the timbers and fasteners you need. Timbers are accurately cut to length.

• Easy assembly, with detailed instructions provided.

• Our raised bed kits are designed specifically to integrate with our greenhouse kits.

• The timbers are milled from locally-grown wood that is harvested using sustainable forestry practices.

Bed Height Options

Our stock kit heights are 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, and 30″.

6″ high beds are best where the soil is of exceptional quality and well-drained. The timbers act as a sturdy border and foundation for the greenhouse kits.

12″ to 24″ high beds work well for most garden soils. They are deep enough to realize the benefits of raised beds and are easy to sit on.

30″ high beds are ideal for people with limited flexibility or mobility. They can be tended while standing or sitting. These deep beds are also ideal for gardens over paved surfaces, allowing for a deep root zone with plenty of water and nutrient capacity.


Eastern White Pine is lightweight, yet durable and surprisingly rot-resistant. It also tends not to splinter. Tests have found Eastern White Pine to be moderately rot resistant, compared to the very limited rot resistance of most other native species. These timbers have been used in gardens for many years with great success.

We mill our timbers to be a full 6″ x 6″. The longest length timber in our stock bed kits is 8′ for ease of transportation and handling.

Customized Beds

We can create raised beds of different sizes or heights to suit your needs. Custom orders can also allow one side of the bed to be higher than the other for terracing on sloped ground. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Price List

Size Cost
4′ x 8′ $100
4′ x 12′ $130
4′ x 16′ $170
6″ High Raised Beds Kits
12″ High Raised Beds Kits
Size Cost
4′ x 8′ $190
4′ x 12′ $250
4′ x 16′ $320
18″ High Raised Beds Kits
Size Cost
4′ x 8′ $280
4′ x 12′ $370
4′ x 16′ $480
24″ High Raised Beds Kits
Size Cost
4′ x 8′ $370
4′ x 12′ $480
4′ x 16′ $630

30″ High Raised Bed Kits

Size Cost
4′ x 8′ $470
4′ x 12′ $610
4′ x 16′ $790

Quantity Discount: 10% discount on 3 or more raised bed kits or greenhouse kits purchased at the same time.

Custom sizes: Please call us for a quote.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

12 ft bed2

12″ high raised bed

3 lengths

Three stock lengths

3 bed hights

Three stock heights

Information about our greenhouse kits can be found here.