Roof-mount Solar PV

This page shows a roof-mount solar PV project.

Roof-mount Solar PV

The customer wanted a hybrid solar PV system that would supply power to the building, as well as feed excess to the grid and provide backup for when the grid failed. NZRR installed 12 Evergreen 215-watt modules with a Schneider Electric hybrid inverter, Apollo Solar charge controller, and a 450 amp hour battery bank.

Hybrid inverter

Charge controller
Battery bank
Battery Bank

We just completed a 8.8 kW PV system for a commercial client. The system included 36 Helios modules in four strings of nine panels wired to two Kaco 5002xi inverters. The system is mounted on standing seam metal using Iron Ridge racking. The entire project took us three days to install what is essentially four systems. The weather was great and, with the exception of a man lift that kept stalling when we were in the air, we enjoyed the project. A recent article in Green Energy Times highlighted this project. You can see the article here.


Iron Ridge Racking
36 Helios modules
The view was incredible