Ground-mount PV

The page shows ground-mount PV projects we have installed.

The customer wanted a temporary ground-mount PV system that could easily be moved from the ground onto the roof of a to-be-constructed house. We installed (for another solar store owner) a Schüco ground mount system. The mounting structure is quite robust, and could easily withstand tremendous forces, and is fairly easy to assemble.

Installing modules
Rear view of racking system
Mounting modules





















This customer wanted a PV system that would offset the electricity used for his geothermal system. We recommended a ground-mount system based on costs and aesthetics. The system is comprised of two arrays of two strings each for a total of 12,220 watts of power. We installed cement piers and built the system on them.

12,220-watt PV system
Excavating holes for comcrete piers
Rack system
Partially complete racks