Ten things you can do to save energy around the house – Part Two

3. Swap out your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent or LED bulbs – in most cases, using a compact fluorescent light (CFL) instead of an incandescent can save you 50 percent on your electric bill. A typical incandescent uses 60 watts, while a CFL that puts out a similar amount of light consumes only 13 watts. Using light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs can save even more, as a bulb in this class would use only about 5 watts. Of course, you cannot always use CFLs or LEDs where you have incandescents, but use them wherever you can to save energy.
4. Seal your windows and doors – making sure you eliminate drafts can cut down on your heating bill, whether you use oil, gas, propane, wood, or electricity for heating. Plus, you will feel more comfortable when you don’t have that cold draft on your neck


About Lee

As founding member of Net Zero Renewable Resources, LLC (NZRR), Lee is involved in all aspects of renewable projects, from meeting with prospective customers to ascertain their renewable energy goals, to designing systems, and facilitating and overseeing all aspects of the installation. Having designed and installed his own solar electric backup system in 1999 and currently living off the grid in a home powered completely by solar, Lee understands the intricacies of renewable energy and is able to explain complex systems in easy-to-understand terms.
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