PV or SHW?

Which is a better option – solar electric (PV) or solar hot water (SHW)? Well, it really depends on your situation. If you want to recoup your investment quickly, SHW is a better option, as you can save enough in hot water heating costs to pay for your system in three to five years. If you want a long term investment, PV is a better way of making a decent return on your money. The cost of electricity will likely only increase, and the electricity you generate will always be fairly constant year after year. Considering any incentives that may be available, your investment begins to pay immediately.

So which is a better option? You decide, and give us a call to see how we can help you.


About Lee

As founding member of Net Zero Renewable Resources, LLC (NZRR), Lee is involved in all aspects of renewable projects, from meeting with prospective customers to ascertain their renewable energy goals, to designing systems, and facilitating and overseeing all aspects of the installation. Having designed and installed his own solar electric backup system in 1999 and currently living off the grid in a home powered completely by solar, Lee understands the intricacies of renewable energy and is able to explain complex systems in easy-to-understand terms.
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