Cloudy days

We ran the generator yesterday evening for a couple of hours to charge the battery bank – the first time we had run it since early January. The culprit was a combination of a string of cloudy days with little solar exposure, and a number of power-hungry appliances that had to be operated, like the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and gas oven. That, combined with a light table for starting seeds and an incubator for starting chicks, caused the batteries to get quite low. However, if I had known today was going to be as sunny as it was, I may not have run the generator. But, you just never know what tomorrow will bring. At least we are set for a few more days.


About Lee

As founding member of Net Zero Renewable Resources, LLC (NZRR), Lee is involved in all aspects of renewable projects, from meeting with prospective customers to ascertain their renewable energy goals, to designing systems, and facilitating and overseeing all aspects of the installation. Having designed and installed his own solar electric backup system in 1999 and currently living off the grid in a home powered completely by solar, Lee understands the intricacies of renewable energy and is able to explain complex systems in easy-to-understand terms.
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